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Current 8th Graders-PHS Course Selection


All students in grades 9-11 will soon begin to select their courses for the 2023-2024 school year. Listed below is an overview of our Course Selection Process.

  • Feb. 1-28 - Throughout the month of February, teachers will begin to make course recommendations for students for next year.
  • Feb. 15-17 - Students will attend grade-level Course Selection Assemblies during Titan Time. This is a chance for them to hear from our content supervisors about course offerings, especially new offerings, as well as important information about our Pathway Programs.
    • Feb 15 - 9th Grade Assembly
    • Feb 16 - 10th Grade Assembly
    • Feb 17 - 11th Grade Assembly
  • March 2 - our annual Program of Studies evening. Please join us in the Randall Auditorium from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for an overview of our Course Selection Process as well as our course offerings/Program of Studies.
  • March 2, 3, 7 & 10 - Junior course selections in Guidance Seminars during Titan Time
  • March 14-17 - Sophomore course selections in Guidance Seminars during Titan Time
  • March 21-24 - Freshman course selections in Guidance Seminars during Titan Time
  • February 17 - March 3 - PHS guidance counselors visit PCMS 21st Century Skills Classes to provide an overview of course selection and elective options. 
  • March 3 - March 17 -  Grade 8 students select courses during 21st Century Skills with Ms. Mclean.

Students and parents are encouraged to view the Course Electives 2023-2024 document. Please note: courses highlighted in yellow are new course offerings. As always, please take time to review the course descriptions which can all be viewed in the Program of Studies which is available to download below. 

Student course lists will be distributed at the end of the school year. The list indicates the names of the courses each student will be scheduled to take during the 2023-2024 school year. It will not include the teacher's name or period number.  Students and families are strongly encouraged to review this list prior to departing for the school year and contact their high school guidance counselor if there are any issues.  Guidance counselors will be available five days after the end of the school year and will have open office hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students and parents are also encouraged to view the handbook to fully understand the challenges with changing classes in the fall and the process used to do so.  Which explains why it is so important to meet in the spring prior to the summer.  


  • 4 Years of English (16 Credits) 
  • 4 Years of Mathematics (16 Credits) 
  • 3 Years of Science (including Biology & Chemistry or Physics) (12 Credits) 
  • 3 Years of History (World History II, US History I & US History II) (12 Credits) 
  • 4 Semesters of Wellness (8 Credits) 


Students must complete 88 credits in order to graduate as well as complete 40 hours of Community Service


PHS Program of Studies 2023-2024
PHS Program of Studies 2022-2023